The Importance Of High-Quality Photography

Creating a strong brand identity is crucial for the success of any product. High-quality photography is integral to setting the standard for your brand, from customer loyalty to brand recognition. Almost 50% of customers say that positive first interaction with a brand encourages them to buy from a company. That could be the first glossy photo they view of your product. Sure, a cell phone is excellent for taking a photo on the go, but is the output enough to sell your business to customers? Here’s why high-quality photography is essential for establishing a unique brand identity that boosts your business profile.

Capture Your Business At It’s Best

If you’re trying to advertise a new product, hiring a professional photographer is the best way to capture that product in the best possible light. Imagine you were looking to eat at a restaurant and started browsing their Instagram or any social media content to decide whether to go. Would you want to eat at a place with a blurry, or unappealingly-lit photo of their food? Or would you like to eat at a place with a high-resolution capture of a delicious-looking meal? In 2017, almost a third of restaurant-goers would avoid a restaurant if they had a weak online presence. Highlighting the best possible visuals for your business on your social media content is essential for attracting customers.

High-Quality Photo: High-Quality Photographer

Behind every high-quality photograph is a high-quality photographer. An image should tell a story and is meant to appeal to your target audience. While you may think you can capture it all with some filters and a cell phone, your photography will fall flat without professional advice. A professional photographer can advise you on lighting, positioning, and how you can capture your story in visuals. Invest in the expertise of a trained photographer to help your visuals add to your branding story.

Customers Will Trust You More

Who will you trust: the company with the high-resolution, glossy images in their marketing materials, or the blurry photos? Over 75% of customers state they’ll buy from a brand they trust, even if a competitor offers better service or becomes more popular. So work with a commercial photography agency to make your product look as good as possible and increase your potential customers’ trust. 

Will It Look As Good When It’s Printed

Your cell phone snap might look okay when it’s on your phone, but once it’s printed, the resolution or dimensions of your marketing material could stretch or blur your seemingly perfect picture. Investing in commercial photography will keep your images from looking a little unprofessional on your otherwise glossy marketing material. Avoid the embarrassment of arranging a new print run and get those images right the first time.

Although cell phones are great for taking multiple snaps, and you might salvage a half-decent one, commercial photography is the best way to go. Why risk blurry or stretched photos in social media content or marketing materials? Sometimes filters can only go so far. Hire a professional today to ensure you benefit from high-quality photography.