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Reason You Need  SEO
Reasons You Need SEO
Be Seen By  More People
Ready for your front page debut? Be seen first on Google by raising your ranking through search engine optimization.
Getting your Google ranking higher puts your website in front of more people. Less than 6% of searches look at the second page of Google search results. Google and other search engines are always changing how they rank websites and what they are looking for when it comes to “Bad SEO”. We are constantly tracking new changes and implementing those on our client’s websites to make sure they are being seen.
Get More  Website Visits
If your website is your new lobby, then get new customers walking through those doors by using “SERP” features.
Being seen is only half the battle. Getting potential customers or clients to visit your website and perform some action is the goal. Attention grabbing headlines and titles aren’t all that is required. Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, Site Links, there are many ways to increase the likelihood someone visits your website. Having unique content along with these SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features helps improves your authority score.
Business  Growth
Stop being invisible to potential customers. Come out of the shadows and step into the search engine spotlight!
Improving your authority score with Google places your website in front of more people, making it more likely they will visit your website which then leads to . . . you guessed it, more business/customers/clients. With higher a SEO score you could go from being nonexistent to being in the top 3 results of organic search results increases your visibility by more than 75%. More than 25% of people click on the first result when searching.