Web Design & SEO


Your website is your new lobby. More people are turning to the web for an initial view of a business and what it has to offer. Summit Marketing offers a host of services for web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, and more. Use the form here to get started today with a free website audit to see how you stack up against your competition.

Content Management

A content management system is a web-based application that allows the user to create, edit, and manipulate the back-end of a website easily without the use of coding. Summit Marketing builds our sites with the end user in mind. Once your site is completed, you will be able to make changes and edits to your site in just a few simple clicks.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design makes sure that your site looks great on any screen size. Summit tests each site on different web browsers and screen sizes to ensure compatibility and optimization. We live in a mobile world, and if your site is not optimized to be a mobile ready site, your losing that exposure every day.

eCommerce Websites

Do you need to sell your products online? If so, Summit has a web solution to fit your needs. Along with an intuitive CMS and responsive design, we also offer a variety of e-commerce solutions to fit your business’s needs. If you need to sell One item or 1000, we can help. Our e-commerce sites are a complete package with product and shipping management software built right in.

We also offer search engine optimization packages (SEO), Google analytics, Google Adwords (SEM), social media support, and more.

At its simplest definition, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a system designed to increase website traffic through the use of special keywords and phrases more likely to be picked up by a search engine. Depending on the size/outreach of you desired site and your personal preference, when we build your site, we can also set up Local SEO to satisfy your optimization needs through Summit Marketing.

Our Local SEO Is Built on these Critical Components of Local SEO:

Local Directory Citations

At the very center of any Local SEO strategy, local directory citations are pivotal to bringing in website traffic. With each submission, we work tirelessly to ensure that your directory is a perfect fit for your niche and market. We do not settle for just any standard list of directories. Rather, every single campaign is custom designed to determine what type of directories should be submitted for each particular client.

When possible, we claim the most important directories, providing detailed instructions to be reviewed and verified by the client.

Social Media Citations

We live in a digital age, with social media growing more consequential by the day. To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve updated our system to include a module designed to add all media and content, resulting in high authority links and citations. We focus on only the most powerful and influential social media sites, guaranteeing you and your site amazing social citations.

On-Page Optimization

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization is technical SEO work on your web pages. Over the past few years, Google has shown us that they will penalize sites with low word count, thin pages that are often duplicated from hundreds of other sites on the web. We will make sure that your target pages are in the safe zone, allowing your rankings to get to page one. More often than not, you will find sites that no matter what they do with SEO, they cannot get on page one. This glass ceiling is most likely due to your On-Page optimization.

Map Optimization

Without full optimization of local services, sites would fail to appear on any local search. And what is local? Essentially, when somebody searches for a product or service on a search engine, they typically include their location to filter the results. Sometimes, engines even do this on their own! The inclusion of location alters the search to reflect services in the area. Through our map optimization system, we increase local visibility, allowing your site to get picked up on those filtered searches.