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Tips for  Print Design
Tips for  Print Design
Follow  the Grid
They say a clear space equals a clear mind. We say clear space equals a clear design. Keep it clean and clear with the grid.
Using the grid within any sort of print material is essential to keep things ordered and aligned. Creating a grid sets the structure for clean margins and proper space alignment. The grid is the foundation to any design. Not only does the grid keep your print material clean and neat, it improves efficiency as it can speed up time for the designer by already having the backbone of the layout established.
Hierarchy  Matters
You have to know the rules before you break them . . . You have to master the design skill of visual hierarchy.
It is one of the most important jobs of the designer to effectively organize content. A big aspect of visual hierarchy is knowing how to work with typography. A general rule for every design is to include three levels of hierarchy which are the heading, the subheading, and the body text. Changing the typeface is not always the answer. Remember to consider the weight, color, contrast, case, and position of the typography.
Smart  Branding
A strong print design is more than just a pretty face. But a pretty face is important. Smart branding is the key.
Branding, branding, branding . . . why are we always preaching about branding? Could it be that branding is the most essential part of crafting good design for your company and business? Knowing the proper way to use your brand elements is important across all areas. Color choices, how to use your typeface (see previous slide), photo/graphic element placement must be carefully considered within your print design material.