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Tips for  Web Design
Tips for  Web Design
First  Impressions

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover but you most certainly can judge a website by its homepage.

Your website is typically the first thing the consumer sees about you and your company/business so it is important to drive immediate interest through the design of the homepage of your website. The common 10-second rule applies here. If you can provide enough value for a visitor for more than 10 seconds, further engagement within the rest of your website is pretty much a guarantee.
Avoid  Clutter
White space, within the design of your website, is always your friend. Less is more — minimalist not maximalist.
As most people are visual creatures, it is important to know the important ways to attract the eye. One of those is by giving it less to look at. Cluttered layouts with contrasting imagery, too much imagery, too much text and button links, are just some ways to clutter your website leaving it visually unbalanced. You can use all of these things but minimally and with thought to the strategic placement of those things.
Follow  Branding
Consistency is key to all branding — including website branding. Your website should match you.
Following the established brand guidelines for your website not only makes designing it much easier, it also ensures that your website cohesively aligns with your company/business. The typography, color palette, and imagery should already be set for your website by using your already designed brand guidelines. Consistent page layout promotes visitor recognition, which is difficult to do without already established branding.