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The internet is the new Yellow Pages, and making sure customers can find you on Google should be top priority for any business. When you work with us, our team makes sure that your page ranking increases. We do that by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase your online presence and visibility across a wide range of internet search engines.

Map Optimization

Without full optimization of local services, sites would fail to appear on any local search. And what is local? Essentially, when somebody searches for a product or service, they typically include their location to filter the results to shops near them. Often, search engines even do this on their own! Through our map optimization system, we increase local visibility, making sure your site shows up in these filtered searches.

On-Page Optimization

One of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization is technical SEO work on your web pages. Over the past few years, Google has shown they will penalize sites with low word count pages. We will make sure that your target pages are in the safe zone, allowing your rankings to get to page one. Most sites, regardless of whatever else they do with SEO, never make it to page one due to poor on-page optimization.

Local Directory Citations

At the heart of any SEO strategy are local directory citations, pivotal to increasing website traffic. With each submission, we work tirelessly to ensure that your directory is a perfect fit for your niche and market. Never settling for a standard list of directories, Summit custom designs every single campaign to ensure the proper directory types are submitted for each client, claiming the most important directories whenever possible.

Social Media Citations

We live in a digital age, with social media growing more consequential by the day. To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve updated our system to include a module designed to add all media and content, resulting in high authority links and citations. We focus on only the most powerful and influential social media sites, guaranteeing you and your site amazing social citations.

What about  SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, also known as PPC (pay-per-click), is a strategy using paid tactics to gain visibility on search engines. We include everything from setting up and optimizing paid ads to managing the account and increasing conversions and revisits. We begin a campaign with comprehensive keyword research and competitor insights to create campaigns that place your products and services in front of your target audience. With our SEM system we have full control over when your ads show and to whom they show, making SEM perfect for testing out new strategies, sending traffic to a sale, or for accelerating traffic during quieter periods. These campaigns include Search Ads (text ads), Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Gmail Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Get  Started

Growing your business is like climbing a mountain, and the tallest mountains are difficult to climb alone. As a full-service creative and media agency, we have the team and resources to help you find your footing and make it to the summit. Tell us about your needs and we will start the climb together.

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