The Challenge

United Way of Bristol TN/VA was in need of a brand new, responsive website design so that their audience and donors have an easier time navigating the site.

The Solution

We utilized the latest in web design practices to provide UWB with a beautifully designed site that is easy to navigate. Using the United Way’s corporate brand standards. We engineered the site to meet their standards while also allowing them stand out in their region as a leading resource for the community.

Responsive Web Design

Before Responsive Web Design, creating a mobile/tablet/e-reader version of your website was complicated, time consuming and costly. It forced companies and individuals to build completely different sites that weren’t convenient for other devices. The cost to develop a separate version for mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops was extremely expensive and time consuming.

With Responsive Web Design, there is only one design created because the fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries will conform to the size of the screen. Victory’s new website is fully responsive and looks great on any screen size.


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