Elegant Themes Just Announced Divi 4.0

Most of our website clients know from the website training that comes with each of our web design packages that we use a popular theme called Divi which is developed by a company named Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes Just Announced Divi 4.0!

We’ve used this them successfully for the last 3-4 years and noticed a drastic improvement in our web design process. This theme allows our users to be able to self maintain their own websites due to its user friendly interface. While we do offer maintenance retainers for such things, one of our main goals is for our clients to be able to be self sufficient when it comes to maintaining their website.

Elegant themes has just announced that it will be releasing its latest version of Divi, Divi 4.0. With this update comes the much anticipated theme builder, dynamic blog content and many other amazing tools.

If you’d like to read more about Divi 4.0, please visit www.elegantthemes.com.