The Challenge

Watauga Dental Center, located in Kingsport Tennessee, recently underwent a change in management and a re-evaluation of their marketing. They were looking for a fresh, fun look and feel to the business. The wanted a logo and brand image that spoke to families and new patients as a fun and friendly dental facility. Watauga had no marketing plan prior to working with us, so we got to start with a blank canvas.

The Solution

“Your smile is one of the first things people notice.” Watauga Dental Center’s tagline is playful, yet very accurate. Playing off that idea we knew we wanted to integrate the tooth into the design somehow. After researching the company and it’s competitors, we landed on a different kind of concept. Using the “W” as the roots of a tooth, we created an abstract mark above it to give WDC a distinct look. To accompany the new logo design, an updated color palette was chosen. These elements will help WDC “be the first thing people notice when looking for new dental care.”