The Challenge

Victory Orthotics & Prosthetics, The Tri-Cities leading practice in Orthotic and Prosthetic treatment has been so focused on their clients for so long that they didn’t realize their logo, website and overall brand had become outdated. Thats when they contacted us for a complete re-brand.

The Solution

The Christian based organization wanted a brand that represented everything they stood for. Therefore, we developed a strong logo and brand package to get them started. To help further their brand message, we gave their website a much needed facelift. New, professional headshots for each employee helps solidify their brand. In addition, we’re producing a video series entitled “Stories of Victory” in which we focus on one client’s journey after amputation.

Corporate Identity

Summit Marketing developed a strong corporate identity for Victory that holds brands standards across media platforms. From social media, to video title screens and lower 3rds, we have constructed a set of graphic elements that create a distinct look and make Victory immediately recognizable. Focusing on the logo, we have created a strong brand appearance of new life, mobility, and hope. The corporate colors are modern, timeless and reflect strength and power. Typography accents the overall design with a modern, bold look and feel. Finally, we created the design for a new tagline, “Dedication. Compassion. Innovation.”

Responsive Web Design

Before Responsive Web Design, creating a mobile/tablet/e-reader version of your website was complicated, time consuming and costly. It forced companies and individuals to build completely different sites that weren’t convenient for other devices. The cost to develop a separate version for mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops was extremely expensive and time consuming.

With Responsive Web Design, there is only one design created because the fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries will conform to the size of the screen. Victory’s new website is fully responsive and looks great on any screen size.



In today’s world, video content is king. We have developed a video series for Victory highlighting their client’s journeys. We branded the project, “Stories of Victory”. Click below to watch!


Photography plays a huge roll in how a brand communicates. We shot some clinical photos for Victory to showcase their dedication, compassion and innovation.