Branding & Design

What is your brand’s personality? What does it need to be?  What are your brand’s differentiators, your strategy? Design and development of a brand is so much more than fonts, lines and colors; it is the door into the brand itself, and the consistent reminder of who you are. Summit Marketing works with its clients to create cogent, relevant brands that work.  It’s that simple.

Brand Strategy

We work with our clients to define a clear brand strategy that considers growth opportunities, strengths and the values of the company. Make no mistake, a good brand strategy helps keep your message consistent, relevant and compelling in your marketplace, guiding you to controlled growth.


Advertising helps an organization differentiate its brand, providing relevance to the consumers most likely to choose to invest in your product and services. We approach advertising both strategically and creatively to build your brand and drive sales.

Customer Relations

Developing relationships is our bailiwick, and it is a fundamental part of exceptional customer service that delights and keeps your customers coming back. We develop programs for our clients that help develop positive relationships with their customers and keep them coming back long-term.

Specialty Publications

Creating print and digital publications for internal or external use is a large part of the business at Summit Marketing, and it is one we do well.

Whether through directories, guides, books, newsletters or direct mail pieces, our design and account team brings your messages to print and digital pages in creative and innovative ways that will showcase your brand, present your products and highlight your accomplishments.

Media Services

Media buying is a tricky business. Doing it correctly is a talent not all agencies possess. Let us develop a media plan that will connect you with the most consumers and decision-makers possible, delivering more bang for your advertising buck.

Public Relations

Public relations is all about earned media and impression management – two functions of a successful integrated marketing communications plan and is vital to successfully build and manage a brand. We build PR strategies that align with the other cogs of the marketing wheel while implementing tactics that lead to positive impression management.

Promotional Products

Getting your brand “out there” in new and exciting ways is something we do very well. Bolstering brand image and good will through effective promos can pay dividends. Our team can raise brand awareness and drive impression management creatively with strategic promo alignment.